Daily Devotions

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“This is so timely – thank you for including me on your email distribution.  God is always on time. For whatever reason I awakened this morning very early with a troubled spirit – overcome with all the chores I have ahead of me.  Then I went online and here was the message you had selected for this day.  It was like a healing salve to have this scripture to remind me the source of Joy is the Lord – not what I do – not about me.” TG

“Great message.  I would love to have the whole series if you can send it?” BR

“Thank you for extending your love through God’s Holy Word and Daily Devotions. Have a BLESSED day!” OS

“Tongues! Praying the answer not the problem. Love it!” LH

“I love your daily devotions.” GB

“I just want to take a minute of your time to thank you for putting me on the list for the Daily Devotions. I am sure you are getting good feedback. I enjoy them each morning and have been able to share the content with about three friends.  My one friend is in a divorce and custody battle so last week’s messages were especially helpful to her. I thought you would like to know that the messages were timely and meaningful.” MB

“I really liked this one today and shared it with a friend who does not speak in tongues but God has recently placed it on his heart to start seeking the things of the spirit.” GG

“This is needful information. Please keep it coming.” AMB


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